Hi, My name is Adam Leese and I would like to share my new business venture with you. I have just bought a franchise of AAA concrete.

This has been an exciting yet scary project to undertake at 18 years of age. Many telephone conversations and meetings finally allowed me to take my LGV licence and then have a “hands on” experience within the Concrete Industry. The more I worked within the industry the more I wanted to be part of it.

Being a franchise is not just about using a companies reputation to deliver concrete, its about learning the industry inside out to build on an already solid foundation. The franchise gave me the tools and business model of an already successful business and will allow me to develop myself further within the industry.

Commitment to the long term success of the franchise and a shrewd business sense are required to help make savings and maximise profits without affecting the end service to the customer. The rewards from seeing your efforts come to fruition are extremely satisfying.

To maximise the Franchise, you require a strong passion for the brand and product you are delivering, having these qualities lets me bring a positive impact to all aspects of the business, interpersonal and communication skills and a good motivational attitude are important as I will be dealing with clients,employees and suppliers alike.

Many thanks